Kind Words

Kind words is a wordpress plugin designed to showcase your customer testimonials in a simple css-driven slider powered by jquery.  The css-animations deliver a performance benefit across devices, while the jquery lets us do some heavy lifting.

To us it, simply install the plugin and add Testimonial posts.  They are automatically loaded and displayed when the shortcode  ( kind-words )  is used.


I have consistently been impressed with Techism’s awareness of design consistency, married with the ability to focus on detail in GUI designs. This skill combined with design flare and originality has produced some superb design work. Awareness of the needs of developers has allowed him to be very effective as a member of a design team. I am happy to recommend Joe both as an excellent creative designer and also an effective team player.
Don Goodeve, VP Engineering, SaneWave Inc.

New York Pipe Club

I just saw the materials you prepared for the John Cotton Throwdown in Chicago next month, and wanted to tell you how terrific they look.  I don’t know if you’ve been to the Chicago show before or not, but I’ve never seen anything there that looks half as professional.  I know Craig Cobine, the chief organizer of the show, was very impressed.  The poster and the banner both look great, and will make a very positive impression for the event!
Jon Guss, New York Pipe Club

The Herbal Alternative

Joe is a very talented web designer and developer, doing work that is always leading-edge, innovative and functional. His expertise always amazes me, a great problem solver, always goes beyond expectations

Liana Smith

Institute for Holistic Midwifery

Nothing like a beautiful, working website! :) THANK YOU! I went through as a student and as me and everything worked as it should…You are a genius!
Marilee Pinkleton, CPMIHM Founder, Institute for Holistic Midwifery

Thermal Exposure

Joe is an extremely creative artist, designer and motion graphics guru. He’s developed highly-acclaimed GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for digital mixing consoles used by hundreds of professionals every day. He’s also an extremely prolific web designer with over 10 years of experience. With that kind of experience Joe knows where the pitfalls are and how to build a stunning interactive website FAST. Efficiency is something of a religion to this guy. He’s fast, detail-oriented and is highly experienced in marketing, communications and branding. Don’t overlook this guy!
Alexander L. Williams

Beautiful.  Approved.

Joe, these are the toughest choices we've made yet.  You did a spectacular job.  The feel, theme, story and palettes are the best.  I have never seen any tobacco label that comes close to these.  Of course, let's not limit it to tobacco.  These are just plain terrific design.  Excellent job.
Matt Guss, Really Smart Advertising

Mahoney Jeffrey PLLC

You’re a genius! THANK YOU!

Kathleen Kibler Mahoney, PARTNER Mahoney Jeffrey PLLC Screenshot

Mann Marketing / ADventures

I had the pleasure of working with Joe during my time spent at Mann Marketing Communications (formerly known as ADventures Marketing Group). Joe is highly creative and possesses the rare combination of great artistic ability along with vast programming and software knowledge. Joe is a problem-solver; someone who is not only capable of completing projects on time with fantastic results, but who can also identity “speed-bumps” or any potential complications that may arise on a project and quickly find solutions. Joe is also an extremely fast learner. I have, on several occasions, witnessed him learning complex programming languages in mere days. Simply put, if Joe doesn’t know how to do something, he quickly researches the subject until he does, often mastering a new skill in a remarkably short period of time. Joe is also one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. He has limitless patience for coworkers and clients alike, even under the strictest demands. He was always willing to teach or lend a hand, and he has the enviable ability to explain complex technical aspects of a project in “layman’s terms”, in order to bring clients and team members up to speed. I feel that Joe would make an excellent addition to any organization or project as a highly valuable team member.
Eric White


Here is some demo / testing content I am using to debug a problem in IE 10+.


Content may appear below or above the kind-words.  Drafts and unpublished testimonials will not appear.  If you select a ‘featured-image’ in the Testimonial editor, it will appear in your theme’s thumbnail size below the content.  Of course, you can edit your testimonial like any post – so feel free to insert images, graphics, or anything else you want from the normal post editor, or let the Kind-words plugin do the work for you.  Easy and customizable kind words.


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