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  • Ruby off the rails of a crazy train.

    I am no programmer. I’m a normal guy…Uh…I don’t know why I find myself sniffing around API documentation on my lunch break, or why I end up staring into the screen at 3:00 am with the door closed and the computer sound turned way down so my wife doesn’t hear the casts from railsenvy . […]

  • Ensuring A Successful Design

    Honesty and forthrightness are the characteristics of a good design as well as a good designer. Never try to confuse or bamboozle your client with industry terms to brow-beat them into accepting a design. Here are some of the industry proven methods for ensuring a smooth creative process that I employ: The Techism Creative Process: […]

  • How to truncate HTML with Ruby on Rails

    This was holding me up for a while. I asked around online and did some code searches on Google but wasn’t able to find a good rails solution to truncating a string of HTML coming out of Textile without cutting off tags and making a general mess of things. Links in particular were problematic. In […]

  • Fishing for Google

    More and more often I’m getting calls and emails from clients who have a new web site project that, as an afterthought, they want good Google placement on. A typical exchange is: “Joe, I need you to drive traffic to my site and have it show up on Google.” The problem is that this assumes […]

  • How to record guitar

    Uh… I thought you were a web designer? Hey, when I say creative services that are more than just web design, I mean it! Techism provides a full range of creative services. Today’s blog post comes from a client who has used my musical services in the past and asks me just how one records […]

  • I am Techism and so can you.

    For my allies in the war against poor marketing, bad design, and the gulf between customers and companies – I present this list of resources that techism uses and approves in order to get down to business. Have a better resource, suggestions, words of caution? Feel free to comment here. Project Management: Duh, BaseCamp. Plus, […]

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