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My first Wordpress plug-in is here!

  • Ah, a new page and I don't have to uncheck those stupid comment boxes again.

Holy schmoly!

Update: over 9,000 downloads and a 5 star rating!  Thanks everyone!

What does “Page Comments Off Please” do?

This plug-in unchecks the “allow comments” and “allow trackbacks/pingbacks” checkboxes by default for new pages while leaving the default behavior for posts alone.  As of version 2.0 it also will suppress comments for posts if you wish, but you have to set that in the plugin setting page.

I get SO tired of unchecking ‘allow comments’ for pages, and I’m SURE that my clients won’t remember to do this when I use WP as a CMS.  So I made a plug-in that disables this by default, saving time and energy.

This is sure to make the must-have list for anyone using WordPress as a CMS solution.  It’s easy to use, super simple, and a real time-saver!


How to use

This plugin was designed to be installed when you are beginning a site.  It just alters some of WordPress’ default behaviors – namely, checking page comments by default.  Install this early to reap maximum benefits.  If you are late to the game, as of 2.0 you can now mass toggle your existing pages comments back to off using the convenient link.

Enable the plugin to uncheck the discussion checkboxes by default for pages.  Disable the plug-in to remove this behavior.  You can further set this plugin to modify pages or posts default bhaviours on the plugin settings page (located in “Settings”)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set the preference to turn the default comment status for pages off or on?

There’s nothing fancy here.  Just enable or disable the plug-in.  That’s it.

Q. Does this plugin disable comments on my existing pages?

Yes, but not without your direct action.  I felt that might be disruptive to some users who want comments on some of their pages.  I don’t want the software to make assumptions.  Imagine if you had hundreds of pages, some with comments, some without and you installed this plugin to discover it wiped all your settings!  So I simplified the scope of the plugin.  I wanted something that simply changed WP’s default behavior regarding pages and comments.  There IS a button to do this on the settings page.

Q. Can I suppress comments on Posts only, or Pages only, or both?

Yup.  As of 2.0 you can do this now on the settings page.  Just check which types of posts you want to disable future comments on.

Q. Does this plugin disable comments on my existing posts?

I did not add a button to do this yet.  It will be in the next version :)


  1. Unzip `` inside the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory (or install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ admin menu in WordPress and the checkboxes will be off next time you go to create a page.


Latest Version: 2.0.2

Legacy version:  This is version 1 of the plugin.  Only use this if you need a crusty outdated version for some reason :)



If you are using this plug-in for a commercial project, or if you just find it useful, I’d really appreciate any donations to help keep the open-source mojo flowing!  Thanks!


Any ideas for improvement?  Leave a comment and I’ll gladly consider it!



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