Mann Marketing / ADventures

I had the pleasure of working with Joe during my time spent at Mann Marketing Communications (formerly known as ADventures Marketing Group). Joe is highly creative and possesses the rare combination of great artistic ability along with vast programming and software knowledge. Joe is a problem-solver; someone who is not only capable of completing projects on time with fantastic results, but who can also identity “speed-bumps” or any potential complications that may arise on a project and quickly find solutions. Joe is also an extremely fast learner. I have, on several occasions, witnessed him learning complex programming languages in mere days. Simply put, if Joe doesn’t know how to do something, he quickly researches the subject until he does, often mastering a new skill in a remarkably short period of time. Joe is also one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. He has limitless patience for coworkers and clients alike, even under the strictest demands. He was always willing to teach or lend a hand, and he has the enviable ability to explain complex technical aspects of a project in “layman’s terms”, in order to bring clients and team members up to speed. I feel that Joe would make an excellent addition to any organization or project as a highly valuable team member.

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