Static HTML, WordPress Driven, Custom CMS, Ruby on Rails – you name it. I mostly encourage WordPress these days.


    A feature-rich site made with a custom configuration of Drupal.  Drupal is an open source content management system that’s great […]

  • BlackrockHealth

    A static Dreamweaver site featuring Custom w3c-compliant HTML + CSS, semantic markup, custom illustration and some fancy High-slide hijinx.


    This site offered a number of challenges in updating their legacy (1990’s) website to something a bit more contemporary and […]


    This is a product website for my good friends over at PYI, inc.   This simple Dreamweaver-powered HTML website  features PYI’s […]


    Ever wonder how a boat’s propeller shaft leaves the boat without getting water into the hull?  The answer used to […]

  • Surface Renew

    This began with a custom identity and ended with this very SEO-Friendly website.  W3c compliant and striking design featuring all-custom […]

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