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ddplus.com home pageddplus restaurant viewA very dramatic case for before and after.  This site was redesigned by overhauling their existing engine built on a customized installation of the open-source CMS “PhpWebSite”.   This was a complicated project as there’s a lot of website dependency in a Restaurant Delivery Service website.

A thorough creative overhaul was undertaken to improve the customer experience from top to bottom using their existing technology and minimizing disruptions to their online service.   We added a nifty location-based delivery service calculator that uses some fancy back end geocoding and custom distance algorythms.

ddplus.com before


I’m quite proud of the improvement we were able to make in the customer experience and business use of this website.  It began with a brand audit where the unique colors of the client’s logo were considered in a whole new context: purple is the least food color, but when seen as a neon light at night, it evokes the pleasure of a night out being indulged at a fine restaurant.


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