Fireworks Won’t Save with Internal Error OSX

  • Quit it and forget it.

Quit Suitcase Fusion to end the madness!

Quit it and forget it.

I have run into this problem so many times:  I’m banging away on my OSX rig doing something important in Fireworks CS3 (yeah, I know…) and I’ve got a dozen things open.  The client sent me two Word documents and a PowerPoint for the web copy.  Meanwhile I’m uploading some YouTube clips for another client, while at the same time I’ve got Illustrator open with the web assets for the self-hosted WordPress site I’m trying to finish for deadline 10 minutes away.

Quick!  Make some changes to the slices for my custom content boxes, tab over to the preview, good.   Save.  Wha-!?

“Fireworks can not save the document because an internal error has occurred.”

Desperately I tab through all the windows I have open.  Holy god…I don’t know what changes were in the last save.  I mean, I’m good about saving…usually.

I have to grit my teeth and quit fireworks – it’s hell when each window opines “…there are changes to this document that will be lost if you do not save.”  Oh cruel dialog box – taunt me no more.

It ends in heartbreak and missed deadlines.

So when it came up today, of all days, nothing else mattered to me other than outsmarting the demon roosting in my favorite graphics app.  This time, I resolved, it would be different.

After doing some searches on different things that cause this issue, I kept seeing things about font issues being at the core of it all.  I took a break and ranted to my friends about my terrible luck…When I returned it dawned on me: what if simply disabling my font-manager software would let fireworks save without dealing with any of my active fonts?

With a smirk of doubt still on my face, I right-clicked the SuitcaseFusion icon.


And I waited for the lil’ icon light to dim while tapping my foot impatiently.

Finally it went out, and clicked back over to Fireworks.  I tried a fast cmd-s.

Holy cmd-s!  It worked!

So I’m posting this in case anyone else out there keeps running into this and wants to try an easy fix.  You might be able to save your work, even though the error has already cropped up, by simply quitting your font-management software.  For me, closing Suitcase Fusion completely elimintated the problem and my documents could ALL be saved.

Take that Fireworks demon!  I won, you lost.


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