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Feel free to rip these ideas off.  This is a post where I just store ideas and products for the future.   These are some of the things that I have in mind to grow techism and to fulfill my purpose of making creative communication easier for my clients and for the world.

I don’t believe that these ideas themselves are all that revolutionary – so if any reader here wants to run with it – GO FOR IT!  I’ll make them if you don’t.  I think my expertise lends certain values in HOW I execute these ideas, so that I’m not worried about what other people might do with them.

  • Lost pet registry – When I find a cat roaming around my house, crossing busy streets, I should be able to pull out my iphone, and find out whose it is.  If I lose a pet, I should be able to post something online where everyone will look. Likewise, if I prefer my cat live indoors/outdoors or whatever, I should be able to tell the world: It’s ok.  Don’t try to rescue my cat.  I live next door.  In a digital age, we should be able to keep track of our pets.  Think about tie-ins to animal hospitals and city shelters.  Could save local governments money and help reduce the loads on shelters.
  • Better theme framework – While I love stock themes, I am amazed at some of the opportunities being missed in how they are designed.  Shortcodes are kinda dumb and should be replaced with methods that use wp’s built-in functionality and normal css / html styles used in the editor.  While I like the functionality they offer, they remove the wyswyg goodness that makes wp so cool.
  • PCOP 2.0 – I need to produce a better version of page comments off please.
  • Plugin for wordpress to sell commercial themes and premium plugins within the “add themes” menu.
  • Site to tie into plugin.
  • Design a global theme api, capturing my ideas for wordpress themes and how they SHOULD be.  Execute in several example themes to demonstrate, write up the result, and promote the new standard.
  • Rename my company.
  • Add pages to describing my dedication to cross-browser testing procedures, mobile devices, responsive design, and best practices.
  • Add techism partners
  • Add adsense to bring revenue into the site.



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