• The Dating Fairy

    A rapid production identity and website project that was developed and implemented over a two-day stretch.
  • Taco Del Mar

    Website design for Taco Del Mar created in conjunction with the Wexley School For Girls.
  • The GigOptix

    I love doing character design and whimsical illustrations. Take a look at this little monster who leads the GigOptix brand!
  • Mood Boards

    These mood boards for delightability really let us explore the brand's potential before we dedicated ourselves to a direction.
  • Stanton Crane

    This never launched, but was some of my favorite interface work. Sadly, NDA's make it impossible for me to show most of my GUI portfolio publicly.

A quick & affordable logo.

This was a fun 2-hour project, for a rapid-turnaround logo with no alts.  I produced six versions and one was selected.  A good deal for my client who had no budget at all, and a great way to get a no-fuss professionally designed identity in place.


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