• Win-Win Coaching Logo

    This was a fun 2-hour project, for a rapid-turnaround logo with no alts.  I produced six versions and one was selected.  A good deal for my client who had no budget at all, and a great way to get a no-fuss professionally designed identity in place.  

  • Urban Earth Gardens

    Urban Earth Gardens is a super-environmentally friendly landscaping company and urban gardening consultancy.   This logo was inspired by a backyard tour of the owner’s amazing garden and bee hives.  The sun was low, the earth was plowed, and the leaves were back-lighted in the afternoon sun.   I wanted to capture this essence in his logo.

  • Blue Note Cigar

    I was so excited when I got the call:  “The Salish Tribe needs a logo for a cigar line.  We need you to make a logo remniscent of a Havana Nightclub.  Think afro-cuban jazz.” Yes please!  I threw on the Sabu Martinez and Tito Fuentez and went nuts.  I produced about 30 logos in a […]

  • Diffuser Store Logo

    Sometimes the best ideas come with the least effort.  The owner of this company brought me a post-it with a quick sketch of his idea:  Three differently shaped bottles overlapping.   “Can you do something like this?” He asked me with what seemed like  shame.  His vision was dead-on.  I produced the logo in under an […]

  • Ironwood Investments Identity and Logo

    This premium identity package was created for Ironwood Investments, a high quality property management service.  The challenge:  Design an identity strategy that can speak to investors and residents of Ironwood-managed properties alike. The answer was to combine formal colors and typography with a symbol of relaxation:  The Ironwood way is to make every day seem […]

  • James Russell PLLC

    This slightly “Mod” logo is artistic without being too “out there” for a financial agency.  It is reminiscent of an earlier age when responsible was cool and capability was king.

  • Center Collision

    The puzzle:  How do you represent a business that deals in accidents and collisions and all manor of unseemly road-side imagery? The solution:  Put the customer back on the road.   Here we played on the idea of the “Center” being the customer driving down the road.  Note the use of road-sign colors and steering wheel […]

  • James Russell PLLC

    This site design was created to showcase a proposed identity and website design package for James Russell PLLC.  The concept:  James Russell is not a CPA, James Russell is your business strategist who can open the key to your future.  If you need more than a book keeper, you need James Russell.

  • Dinner Delivery Plus

    A very dramatic case for before and after.  This site was redesigned by overhauling their existing engine built on a customized installation of the open-source CMS “PhpWebSite”.   This was a complicated project as there’s a lot of website dependency in a Restaurant Delivery Service website. A thorough creative overhaul was undertaken to improve the customer […]

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